■Will the friendship between women be established? There is a friendship between girls! How much can a girl who joins the show see each other’s true feelings in interviews and games, but ultimately get to know her friends? We are planning to verify our relationship with Saya-chan (21 years old / apparel byte) & Kurumi-chan (21 year old / Izakaya byte) from high school! <> As it looks, self-assertion is strong! The pressure is amazing! Gal to run wild! Start recording in the studio! (It was still good until this time, but ... a catastrophe after this) <> There is a possibility that some people feel mental stress when watching the video. Please refer to it at your own discretion. In addition, when you watch, please take care of not only yourself but also the people around you and look carefully enough. Whenever the virgins see you, parents will be asked to join us as much as possible <> An unusual tension anyway! A meat-eating system that goes to scoop a man! Hangley Soul to Sefre Your Friend's boyfriend! The staff will struggle with the unsuccessful development of high spec gal which is more deep and adult than our wwAV producer everyday! A catastrophe where interviews are not completed at all! <> To get the show going, we started a slick dice game! It is also a situation that can not be picked up! Tensions MAX in the dice game! No one can stop it! It's a mess! Cry out! Apologise! Leak up! Vomit! Squeeze your neck! Binta's response! Chaos of different dimensions! A series of intense plays more than you can imagine! Ikimaku is in a hair condition all the time! You can also see the karami of two girls and take a picture without knowing the ceiling! A gal who does not know what is scary! By all means, please check in the main work! <> "How much can I do in front of my friends?" 04#Saya-chan & Kurumi-chan] .... look at everything.